Energuy Gives Back

The Sierra Leone Crisis

World Vision Canada, Kono Project, Sierra Leone

In the developing world, millions of people have no choice but to draw their water from the only source available to them - often polluted wells, lakes, streams, or stagnant ponds. The same water is shared with animals for bathing, washing and drinking. In most instances, the water is filled with unseen parasites that cause painful, and often deadly diseases, such as chronic diarrhea or cholera. This has been true for many living in Sierra Leone.


Energuy Canada Ltd., recognized the need in Sierra Leone and your gift of water is improving the overall health and well-being of families in Kono. With access to clean water, community members, especially children, will no longer have to endure chronic waterborne and water-related diseases. Access to a year-round supply of water will also allow families to grow vegetables throughout the year and increase both food and income security.


We are extremely grateful for the support from Energuy Canada Ltd., that have made this work possible. On behalf of the communities in Sierra Leone who are benefiting from new or improved safe water sources, and all of us at World Vision, thank you for your care, concern, support and generosity

Brant County SPCA

​Almost every Energuy and Energal in the office is a fur-parent. Most of the fundraisers we do in house are to raise money and supplies for our local SPCA. This round of donations yielded $150 in cash, as well as over 40 toys, 20 food donations, and 25 desperately needed cleaning products.  They even took one of the laundry jugs to use right away!

FAB Golf Tournament

The Energuy partners for Canada and the US joined forces this past weekend to golf for FAB; an organization dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty for young females through health, self-appreciation and an active lifestyle.

For more information or to donate to a great cause, click here.

Earth Day 2018

earth day 2018 poster
Tiny Tree
Handing Out Shirts
Staying Hydrated
The Hiscock Family
Cam's Selfie Game is Strong
The Planner
How To Plant
Part 1 of The Crowd
Part 2 of The Crowd
Part 3 of The Crowd
Part 4 of The Crowd
Part 5 of The Crowd
The field is coming along!
Sam planting
Thumbs up for nature
My hand!
Little Tree

On Sunday, April 22nd, over 70 Energuy employees and family members went to a park in Brantford to do their part and plant trees in an open field.