Chris Nyyssonen
Jay Nyyssonen
Owner and Advisor Trainer
Lee Hiscock
Owner and Advisor Manager
Friendly Service
We are here to answer your questions and book an appointment. Call 1-888-442-9577
Friendly & Courteous Service
The Evaluation Begins
Taking measurements
Looking For Air Leaks
We Are Thorough
Assessments require taking a look at current equipment in your home.
Checking Old Equipment
The Blower Door Test
Reviewing Findings
We will go over your report with you in detail at the end of your appointment.
In Depth House Report
The house report from your first assessment will be sent to you via email within 30-45 days of your appointment. We'll be able to answer any questions you have from your in depth analysis.
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* When you qualify. See your local gas provider website for full details.

* Homeowner responsible for cost of the energy assessments, plus HST, at time of assessments, but will get the cost of assessments rebated back to them after they qualify.